Tiger Run 2015 Information and Registration

Tiger Run 2015 is headed our direction, so in about 5 short months, the Goat Herd GTO Club of Oregon will be hosting the 25th Anniversary of Tiger Run….and what will also be the final Tiger Run Northwest Regional GTO Meet – at least for the foreseeable future. So if you have never been to Tiger Run, or have not been to Tiger Run for a while, now is your opportunity to participate in what has become the best regional GTO Meet.

Ready to register already? Here’s the Registration Form!

Of course, all Pontiacs of all years and models are welcome. What started out as a simple GTO meet, which included GTO Juniors (Tempest and LeMans), has for some time now included all Pontiacs. We even have awards for GTO’s, Juniors, Judges, Firebirds and Other Great Cars by Pontiac, and of course, a Best of Show!

The date of Tiger Run 2015 is the Memorial Day weekend of May 22-23-24. The location of Tiger Run 2015 will be at the Red Lion Hotel, Jantzen Beach, in Portland, Oregon. This is the same location the Goat Herd hosted the 2011 National Meet. We have contracted for Red Lion hotel rooms ranging from $114.00 to $144.00, depending on the type of room requested. This does NOT include the county tax and fees, which are subject to change. Additionally, the room rate is valid 3 days before and 3 days after Tiger Run…from May 19 through May 27…for those who are looking for an extended stay. For hotel and room information and reservations, call the Red Lion Hotel reservation number at 1-800-733-5466 – be sure to specify it is for Tiger Run!

ADDED BONUS: Of course, we would like everyone who is planning on attending Tiger Run 2015 to register early, as information on the registration form helps us to produce a better equipped Tiger Run show. So, as an incentive to have participants register early, we will have a INCOME TAX RELIEF Special Raffle: those who pre-register and have their registration form delivered to us by, or mailed to us postmarked by, April 15, 2015 will be eligible to enter a special raffle to win a one night stay (regular room) at the Red Lion Hotel at Jantzen Beach, paid for by Tiger Run. How does that sound? Of course, room and event cancellations will render that registrant ineligible for this special raffle, and you must be a Tiger Run registrant with a car and/or swap meet space. If you want to come to Tiger Run without registering a car or do not want a swap meet space, but do want to attend the awards dinner, a category on the Tiger Run registration form is included for just that purpose.

You can download the Tiger Run Registration Form by clicking here. The registration form must be printed off the computer, completed, and mailed to the Post Office box shown at the bottom of the registration form. WE DO NOT have PayPal nor credit card abilities, so payment of registration fees by Check or Money Order (US Dollars) must be included with the registration form.

It is our understanding that a 88 years of age – going on 50 – Jim Wangers is planning on being at Tiger Run in 2015. It will be great to have him back.

Be sure to check this website often as more Tiger Run information becomes available, including any changes or up-dates. We are still working on the design for the Tiger Run 2015 t-shirts, and will have the design available to show as soon as possible.


09 2014

New Goatherd Site!

Folks, it’s been a long time coming and here it is … the new Goatherd web site. We’ll be working out the kinks, getting content up to date and making sure Jim Gulley knows how to work the controls.
I hope you like the new format and it makes things better as you gear up for Tiger Run 2015, the Summer Dream Cruise and future club events.




02 2010


2014 Goat Herd Membership Application

Please print the Membership Application form from your computer and submit the form with appropriate payment to the address shown at the top of the application form. Our Membership Co-ordinator will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in our GTO Club, open to anyone who wishes to join. Your membership includes a monthly newsletter, and, membership in the National organization, the GTO Association of America, at no additional cost. The GTOAA also puts out a monthly newsletter/magazine full of great information about our GTO’s-Tempest-Lemans. The Goat Herd hosts the annual Tiger Run Northwest Regional GTO Meet, the Summer Dream Cruise in Aloha, Oregon, and we have scheduled monthly events and activities. Our club, best know for our policies of Fun-Food-Friendship, not in that order, will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary in April of 2014. You can be a part of this great organization!


03 2007

Goat Herd Contacts

President: Kevin Richmond
Email: klrichmond85@msn.com

Vice President: Terri Nichols
Email: terri_n56@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Carmelo DiFede
Email: 88dinanbmw@gmail.com

Tiger Run Chairmen: Frank Salerno & Jim Gulley
Email: buglett67@comcast.net

Newsletter Editor:Jason Baird
Email: jasongto1@aol.com

Web Site Content: Jim Gulley
Email: grn64gto@q.com


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