New Goatherd Site!

Folks, it’s been a long time coming and here it is … the new Goatherd web site. We’ll be working out the kinks, getting content up to date and making sure Jim Gulley knows how to work the controls. (He’s still trying!)
I hope you like the new format and it makes things better as you gear up for future club events.




02 2010


2014 Goat Herd Membership Application

The Membership Application form currently is only available through the US Mail. Please send a e-mail request for a Membership Application form to either Jim at or Frank at and we will send you your application form asap. Please submit the form with appropriate payment to the address shown at the top of the application form. Our Membership Coordinator will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in our GTO Club, open to anyone who wishes to join. Your Goat Herd membership also includes a monthly newsletter, and, membership in the National organization, the GTO Association of America and their monthly newsletter, at no additional cost. The GTOAA publishes a monthly newsletter/magazine full of great information about our GTO’s-Tempest’s-LeMans’s. We have scheduled monthly events and activities enjoyed by our club members. Our club, best known for our policies of Fun-Food-Friendship, not in that order, is celebrating its 33rd Anniversary as of April of 2017. We are often asked why our club continues to be so successful. Try us out to see why we have been so successful, and you can be a part of this great organization!


03 2007

Goat Herd Contacts

President: Terri Nichols

Vice President: Jim Gulley

Treasurer: Carmelo DiFede

Newsletter Editor:Jason Baird

Web Site Content: Jim Gulley


09 2006