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Mark Your Calendar – New Events Coming

May 25-26-27 are the dates for Tigers On the Columbia. It’s not too late to prepare for this NW Regional event, so go to the NW Legends website to get whatever information you need. The latest we heard is that the drag racing event has been cancelled. But there are still other events to make this show worth attending.
Those who are going on Friday, the 25th, will be meeting at the Troutdale Factory Village (Tanger Mall) and leaving at 10:00am to head to Richland, Wa. for the show. I can make it from Keizer to The Dalles, that’s about 125 miles for me, before fueling again, so plan accordingly.

Club member Charles Rudy is planning a Mystery Cruise for June 10th. For more information, it would be a good idea to attend the next club meeting on Friday, June 1st. We will try to have more information for the Mystery Cruise posted here if possible.

June 23rd, Saturday, is the date for Dyno Day in Oregon City. Information can be found in the club newsletter, or call club member Rod Nichols at 503-781-5331 (cell phone) for more information. As usual, the Goat Herd club is providing doughnuts in the morning and pizza for lunch. This is always a good time, and a gr-reat time to have your car checked out for possible ‘inconsistencies’. Bring something to drink.

August 2-3-4 is the Flashback Cruise in Bend, Oregon. Kelly Lay is the Chairman for the show this year, and he and his crew have some good things planned for us. Check the Bend Riverside to see if there are still rooms available. Be sure to tell the folks at the Bend Riverside who you are with so you can get a room rate discount.

And on August 12, club member Dave Fornshell has a cousin that has a cruise-in/potluck event somewhere in Cornelius. Last year there were about 120 cars that showed up. This is something that is close by, on a hot day, well attended, all kinds of food, and a relaxing Sunday morning-afternoon. Don’t forget the lawn chairs and drinks. This would be a good time for as many Goat Herd members as possible to go to this event AS A CLUB! More information later.


May 2018

Future Club Participation Events

Recently The Herd club members decided to plan more monthly events, including some overnighters. A number of us are preparing for the Tigers On the Columbia Regional Meet on May 25-26-27 in Richland, Wash. This is the second year the NW Legends will be putting on this event. If you didn’t get an e-mail regarding this event, go to their website for more info.
Another overnighter (3 of them) will be on Aug. 2-3-4 in Bend. This is a Big car show that brings in a ton of cars. In fact, it is the only car show in Bend that has grandfathered-in rights to use Drake Park for the show at no cost to them. (We tried to get Drake Park for Tiger Run, but the city wanted $30 per car, plus a fee to unlock the restrooms, plus a fee for every required garbage can.) Kelly Lay is the apparent chairman of this show now, and has made some arrangements for those of us who want to attend, such as a planned GTO gathering at the Pilot Butte Drive-In, and a special parking area at the park for just our cars. He also found us available rooms at the Bend Riverside (which, if you go to their website, you will notice the rooms are being totally refurbished). If you are interested in going and want room reservations, they still have a few room left…just call them at 800-284-2363 and tell them you’re with the GTO Club. They still remember us! You will then receive your Confirmation number for your room.


Feb 2018

BINGO In Feb. Club Fund Raiser – A Great Time

February 10 was the day for our first BINGO fund raising event for our club. We met at Larry’s Restaurant, our usual club meeting place, and thank Larry’s Restaurant owner Evelyn Knutsen and her daughter Karen Liebert for providing the locale for us to have some fun and games. Although there were not as many BINGO participants as anticipated, there were enough gamers on hand to make it quite an event. We played 8 games of BINGO, with some really great prizes for the winner of each game. Thank you to those who donated winning prize items! Club Prez Terri Nichols, and Frank Salerno, each won a $25 gift card to See’s Candy, Sue Farrand won a Halogen Desk Lamp and a large bundle of Micro-Fibre cloths, Jack Farrand won a Nike Collapsible Overnight Bag, Kari Liebert won a Car Trunk Caddy, and Lacey Dillon won a bottle of Champagne and also, for winning the final game of Blackout, a Large Jar of M&M’s plus $10.00 cash to help pay for her lunch. Lucky winners! There were actually 3 winners of the Blackout game, so a BINGO run-off for those three was held to determine the final winner. Good going, Lacey. Some of our club members who could not come to BINGO due to previous commitments donated to the cause prior to the event, so the club wound up making a substantial sum to add to our club coffers. The exact dollar amount brought in to the club will be announced at the March club meeting. Thank You everyone for your contributions to the effort. Those who were able to come to the BINGO game had a great time, as usual, and those who could not come but did contribute/donate funds shows how our club members come together to support our club. Other clubs wonder what makes us such a strong, supporting club…truly it’s the Members of the Goat Herd GTO Club.


Feb 2018

Regarding Tiger Re-Run

During our January, 2018 Goat Herd club meeting, there was some lively discussion regarding the possibility of an event similar to Tiger Run, to be called Tiger Re-Run. That discussion revealed that rather than have another similar event, the Goat Herd members decided to NOT have such an event. Rather than one main event, the Goat Herd members will plan several other club events that involve either overnight events, specific cruise-ins to attend, or just a club one-day event, such as a club picnic or tour. This gives us more options to gather as a GTO club group and take advantage of going to several different venues the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Keep watching our club website for news of our next events, such as Bingo in February.


Jan 2018

Feb. 2018 Event – BINGO

Yes! It’s BINGO day! On February 10th, the Goat Herd will be having its first ever BINGO event. This is a FUND RAISER for the club, as well as a fun event for ALL Goat Herd family members.

The date for this planned BINGO program is Saturday, Feb. 10, starting at 1:00Pm until about 4:00pm. The location is Larry’s Restaurant – that’s right, our club meeting place – and is open to all club member families. Frank Salerno will be the coordinator, and is seeking assistance from 2 or 3 others to help. The restaurant will be serving food items on a limited basis – hamburgers, fries, maybe melted cheese sandwiches, and ice cream and drinks. The only stipulation the restaurant has is a mandatory purchase of a food item by each individual. That’s because we are not being charged for use of the restaurant, but they need to make it monetarily worthwhile to be open for us.

At this point, we plan on BINGO participants purchasing individual BINGO cards for $1.00 each – remember, this is a club fund raiser. But we also have some really great prizes for winners of each game….for example, a box of See’s Candies, a Nike collapsible travel bag, a halogen desk lamp, maybe a pair of movie theatre tickets, and other items. Time allowed, we will probably play 8 games, BINGO patterns to be determined, and includes the last game of Blackout (not necessarily a 50/50 pot split). So now is the time to start preparing…go out and buy your ink daubers and start saving your dollar bills (and some extras for the mandatory food item purchase), come to Larry’s Restaurant for some Saturday afternoon fun, and come early – the games begin at 1:00pm, and you want to get there early, as there is seating for about 60-70 persons (family members include mom, dad, son, daughter, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, the ex…you know, the usual suspects!). We will have s Sign-up sheet for BINGO at the next club meeting so we can plan for the number of persons planning on attending. If you cannot be at the next club meeting but want to sign up for BINGO, send an e-mail to Frank Salerno at including the number of persons attending, and he will sign you up. Information in this publication may change, so check it periodically….for example, if we reach the seating limit by or at the next club meeting, we will post that information here.

Addendum: Bingo daubers can be purchased at most “Dollar” stores.


Jan 2018

2nd December Club Event for 2017

Notification by e-mail had been sent out to all members of a second December club event coordinated by Rod Nichols to be held Saturday, the 30th. The event was another trip to the World of Speed where one of our club members had his burgundy/black ’64 GTO on display along with many other marques and muscle of the muscle car era. (The ’64 belongs to Jan Weston, who is also a terrific supporter of our club.) The day was dry and relatively warm for late December, and several club members decided to take advantage of the weather and attend the event. In fact, there were 45 club/family members that were at the event. Provision had also been made to have lunch at The Ram restaurant after the viewing, and everyone showed up at the restaurant (45 club members at a restaurant for lunch makes for quite an event by itself). Stef and Suzanne Pfafnis from Washington joined us, and the club as new members, Marc Powell and son David from Monmouth joined in as well as Steve Stewart from Eugene and Frank and Kathy Richards from Cornelius and, of course, the rest of us. Where were Fred and Laura Brewer from Lincoln City…we missed you! For those of us in attendance at this final club event for 2017, a good time was had by all!


Jan 2018

December Club Event – Annual Christmas Party

The Goat Herd’s annual Christmas party is December 9th, and will be held at the American Legion Hall (same place as it has been for the past several years) located at 8329 SE 89th and Fuller Road. Bring a pot luck dish or dessert to embellish the main course dinner. If it’s anything the Goat Herd does well, it’s eat! There is a gift exchange which has always proven to be a lot of fun, and Santa will be there for the kids. Please bring a gift for your younger family member(s) so Santa can present the gift to your child. There will be no baby-sitter available, so please be sure your child is well tended. We hope to see as many of you there as possible as we began to celebrate the Christmas season.


Dec 2017

November Club Event – Annual Turkey Shoot

On November 11, club members will be heading back to Estacada to the Estacada Rod and Gun Club for the annual Turkey Shoot. This is a fun event for all, as there is no shooting skill or marksmanship required to win a prize. The idea is to shoot at 2 different targets – and basically just hit the target – as the points are marked on the back of the target, and placed randomly. Hitting the bulls eye really doesn’t count! The highest points after shooting 10 shots per target determines the winners – prizes for adults and younger target shooters.
We will be shooting .22 caliber rifles or pistols. You can bring your own gun or guns and ammo, or guns will be furnished by some club members for use by those who do not own their own guns. You can also purchase .22LR calibre ammo at 20 cents per bullet. This is a family event, and a great opportunity to teach the younger family members how to handle and use pistols and rifles SAFELY. You do not have to be a Goat Herd member to participate. In fact, members of the Mustang Club may be joining us. If you have ear protectors, it’s a good idea to bring them with you, or there will be some available at the gun club. Directions to the gun club and information about the event have already been sent out to all club members who have had their e-mail address listed with club member Gary Dillon ( Let’s go shoot some turkeys!!


Nov 2017

Oct. 2017 Club Events

On Oct. 14, several Goat Herd club members took the annual trip to Hood River, Oregon for the Hood River Fruit Loop Festival (apple run), held in the Hood River harbor area on the Columbia River. The Fruit Loop runs through 35 miles of the Hood River Valley, and allows for stops at several farms, fruit stands, and retailers, for samples and purchase of some of the Hood River Valley’s world renown agricultural products. This year was especially important, as the gorge wildfires prevented travel through many, many miles of the Columbia River Gorge scenic area, affecting retailers throughout the gorge area. This event gave Goat Herd members and the general public opportunity to see the devastation the wildfires caused and a chance to help the local economy curtailed by those fires.

On Oct. 21st, Goat Herd members drove to Dufur to help the Goat Herder himself, Marc Neary, in sorting out some of his smaller items he still has on hand. In return for the help, members chose some items they needed for their cars, FOR FREE! There was opportunity to take a break and have lunch at Kramer’s Market and Deli before going back to work at Marc’s for a while longer before heading home. I know some stopped in Hood River to find open fruit stands to bring back some of the fruit the Hood River Valley has to offer. We were expecting some rain, but the weather was warm and sunny, and we enjoyed a good afternoon in Dufur after having gone through quite the wet weather in the Willamette Valley area. It’s always good to have a chance to visit Dufur and the Goat Herder himself – and find those old Pontiac parts many of us still need or can use!


Oct 2017

Sept. 2017 Club Event – A Visit to the OMSI Pompeii Exhibit

On September 23rd, a member of the Goat Herd visited OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) for a tour to see artifacts from the Italian historic site of Pompeii. Pompeii is located about 30 miles from the city of Naples, near the Bay of Naples. Pompeii and its sister city Herculaneum were destroyed by the still active volcano Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D., along with smaller communities in that area. Mt. Vesuvius has erupted more than 50 times, but the most famous eruption caused the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

After an introduction by an OMSI staff member, dual ancient style wooden doors were opened for entry into the display area. Most of the artifacts on display were inside glass enclosures atop stylized pedestals. They included jewelry, pottery, every day items such as cooking utensils, and smaller statuary of various gods of the time. It was amazing how finely detailed the jewelry and figurines were. Larger items, such as gladiators helmets, leg guards, actual swords and similar items were also on display. There were also tile mosaics and glass blown items that looked like they were made in the modern time (glass blowing was developed in the 1st century A.D.). There were amphora, cooking utensils, pictures of life, and dioramas of what a villa atrium would look like, as well as painted walls of the inside of a home. A trip to the upper level had displays of the actual castings of some of those who lost their lives in the eruption, including a man lying down shielding himself from the ash, a mother cradling her baby, a dog that still showed part of its bronze leash, and other items. Ending the exhibit, walking into a small theatre area, they showed a 3 minute movie of what it would have looked like while ash poured into the city from the near-by eruption….all the while the wooden floor was vibrating to feel the effects of the earth’s tremors at the same time. Worth the time and effort to view this exhibit, especially if you’re interested in history.


Sep 2017