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September 2017 Club Event

On September 23rd, members of the Goat Herd and their family and their friends have the opportunity to visit OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) for a tour to see artifacts from the Italian historic site of Pompeii. Pompeii is located about 30 miles from the city of Naples, near the Bay of Naples. Pompeii and its sister city Herculaneum were destroyed by the still active volcano Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D., along with smaller communities in that area. Mt. Vesuvius has erupted more than 50 times, but the most famous eruption caused the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

For those who would like to attend this tour of famous Pompeii artifacts at OMSI, we will meet at OMSI, located at 1945 SE Water in Portland. The meeting time will be at 9:15am on Saturday, so we can enter the museum as a group. Note that OMSI does not open until 9:30am on Saturday.

The price of admission is Adults: $26.00, Seniors (63+): $22.00, Ages 3-13: $17.00. There is an additional charge of $5 for parking, so car pool if you can. For those who would like, plan on dining for lunch after the tour. For those who would like to dine after the tour, we can discuss a restaurant after the tour. A pizza parlor, or even the Bomber on McLaughlin would work. It makes for a fun experience for everyone attending this tour, and provides for an almost full day of our favorite club activities: fun, food and friendship. Also, though the OMSI attendance price may be a little on the high side, it’s still much less expensive than flying to Italy to view the site (not including hotel and food and tips and LOTS of walking and not being able to speak Italian and carrying your own luggage from place to place and being recognized as an American because we don’t wear Italian shoes and their pizza isn’t very good and they have those Italians who like to grab every woman’s …. they see, and… well, you get the point). See you there? [Not to be typecast, this article was written by a Mexican with an Italian last name!]


Sep 2017


For those wanting to join the Goat Herd GTO Club of Oregon, member ship dues is $50 a year, $55 American for our Canadian friends. Your club dues to join the Goat Herd club also give you automatic membership in the GTO Association of America (GTOAA), which includes their monthly magazine/newsletter The LEGEND, and the Goat Herds award winning newsletter The Red Line Times. October is when the GTOAA will be sending out the post card forms for GTOAA membership renewal. For existing members, when you receive your GTOAA renewal card, enclose it with your check for $50, $55 American for our Canadian friends, for club membership renewal, and send it to: The GOAT HERD, P.O.BOX 1071, Clackamas, Oregon, 97015. DO NOT send the GTOAA membership card and payment back to the GTOAA, as the Goat Herd Membership coordinator will take care of everything. Thank you for your cooperation. Keep your membership current, and please pay your Goat Herd/GTOAA dues before the end of December.


Oct 2015


Congratulations to the Herd for winning the following certificates at the 2017 GTOAA International Convention !!!!

Gold Level Certificate————-In Recognition of Outstanding Chapter Membership Affiliation

Chapter Newsletter Certificate—–In Recognition of Outstanding Publishing Efforts (Redline Times)

Chapter Website Certificate——–In Recognition of Outstanding Internet Efforts


Sep 2015


The 2018 GTOAA National Meet will be held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania hosted by the Susquehanna Valley GTO’s. The dates for the 2018 Nationals are June 26 – 30. Check out the GTOAA website for more information, or find out more information in later editions of The Legend magazine/newsletter published by the GTOAA. You can also go to the www.svgto website for more information. You can receive the Legend magazine/newsletter only if you are a member of the GTOAA. Being a member of the Goat Herd automatically makes you a member of the GTOAA.


Sep 2015


It has been just over 25 years of fun, friends, and great cars! 2015 ended our annual event, and the Herd wants to thank all of the faithful followers that made TIGER RUN such an incredible success! Also thanks to the members of the Herd that worked so hard every year to put on the event. A lot of help was received from family members, and members of other clubs that helped cover the bases if needed. Can’t say enough about our Pontiac family celebrities that supported us over the years.

Now for the good news! Keep the date year 2020 open as The Goat Herd is testing the waters to determine if we can successfully have a Tiger Run reunion, to be called Tiger Re-Run. There seems to be enough enthusiasm among members and non-members to warrant pursuing another gr-r-reat event. So as not to interfere with the NW Legends in Seattle’s regional show, the Legends have agreed to postpone their Regional Meet in 2020 so the Goat Herd can a hold Tiger Re-Run event!

If you would like to see the Goat Herd host another event similar to Tiger Run, please e-mail Frank Salerno at: with your thoughts or comments on this event. We would like to hear from you!!


Aug 2015

HOW TO: Getting your classified ad on the site

If you’d like to post a For Sale or Wanted ad on the Goat Herd website, it’s easy!

Write up what you’d like to say, provide a title for your ad and send it via e-mail to href=”mail to can include one (1) photo, too. Please provide photos in .jpg or .png file formats and try to keep the size of the file under 1mb (megabyte). That’s usually a “medium” size photo (or about 400×600 pixels). Once received, it will get posted as soon as possible.

If the item(s)sell, you find what you’re seeking or you don’t want the ad up anymore, let us know so we can keep all ads current.

Good luck!


Aug 2011

New Goatherd Site!

Folks, it’s been a long time coming and here it is … the new Goatherd web site. We’ll be working out the kinks, getting content up to date and making sure Jim Gulley knows how to work the controls. (He’s still trying!)
I hope you like the new format and it makes things better as you gear up for future club events.




Feb 2010


2014 Goat Herd Membership Application

The Membership Application form currently is only available through the US Mail. Please send a e-mail request for a Membership Application form to either Jim at or Frank at and we will send you your application form asap. Please submit the form with appropriate payment to the address shown at the top of the application form. Our Membership Coordinator will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in our GTO Club, open to anyone who wishes to join. Your Goat Herd membership also includes a monthly newsletter, and, membership in the National organization, the GTO Association of America and their monthly newsletter, at no additional cost. The GTOAA publishes a monthly newsletter/magazine full of great information about our GTO’s-Tempest’s-LeMans’s. We have scheduled monthly events and activities enjoyed by our club members. Our club, best known for our policies of Fun-Food-Friendship, not in that order, is celebrating its 33rd Anniversary as of April of 2017. We are often asked why our club continues to be so successful. Try us out to see why we have been so successful, and you can be a part of this great organization!


Mar 2007