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HOW TO: Getting your classified ad on the site

If you’d like to post a For Sale or Wanted ad on the Goat Herd website, it’s easy!

Write up what you’d like to say, provide a title for your ad and send it via e-mail to href=”mail to can include one (1) photo, too. Please provide photos in .jpg or .png file formats and try to keep the size of the file under 1mb (megabyte). That’s usually a “medium” size photo (or about 400×600 pixels). Once received, it will get posted as soon as possible.

If the item(s)sell, you find what you’re seeking or you don’t want the ad up anymore, let us know so we can keep all ads current.

Good luck!


Aug 2011

New Goatherd Site!

Folks, it’s been a long time coming and here it is … the new Goatherd web site. We’ll be working out the kinks, getting content up to date and making sure Jim Gulley knows how to work the controls. (He’s still trying!)
I hope you like the new format and it makes things better as you gear up for future club events.




Feb 2010

Goat Herd Contacts

President: Terri Nichols

Vice President: Jim Gulley

Treasurer: Carmelo DiFede

Newsletter Editor:Jason Baird

Web Site Content: Jim Gulley


Sep 2006