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Oct. 2017 Club Events

On Oct. 14, Goat herd members will be making the annual trip to Hood River, Oregon for the Hood River Fruit Loop Festival (apple run), held in the Hood River harbor area on the Columbia River. The Fruit Loop runs through 35 miles of the Hood River Valley, and allows for stops at several farms, fruit stands, and retailers, for samples and purchase of some of the Hood River Valley’s world renown agricultural products. This year is especially important, as the gorge wildfires prevented travel through many, many miles of the Columbia River Gorge scenic area, affecting retailers throughout the gorge area. This event gives the public a chance to see the devastation the wildfires caused, and an opportunity to help promote the local economy curtailed by those fires. Enjoy the variety of apples, berries, food carts, and home made products for sale. Everyone wins!

On Oct. 21, The Goat Herder himself, Marc Neary, has asked for assistance in sorting out some of his smaller items he still has on hand. In return for the help, those helping can choose some items they may need for their cars, FOR FREE! That’s right…No Charge! What an opportunity! Be sure to check with Marc first, before hauling your free stuff home. Since we are so privileged to have Marc in our own back yard, that is, Dufur, Oregon, with all those Pontiac parts, especially first gen goats, it’s difficult not to take advantage of this offer. Those who would like to make the sojourn to Dufur can meet at the Troutdale Factory Village at 9am on Saturday to caravan over there, or those wanting to go earlier or later know the way..we’ve been there often! There are places for lunch, such as the Kramers, right across the street from Marc’s shop, so in usual Herd fashion, we will eat well!


Oct 2017

Sept. 2017 Club Event – A Visit to the OMSI Pompeii Exhibit

On September 23rd, a member of the Goat Herd visited OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) for a tour to see artifacts from the Italian historic site of Pompeii. Pompeii is located about 30 miles from the city of Naples, near the Bay of Naples. Pompeii and its sister city Herculaneum were destroyed by the still active volcano Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D., along with smaller communities in that area. Mt. Vesuvius has erupted more than 50 times, but the most famous eruption caused the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

After an introduction by an OMSI staff member, dual ancient style wooden doors were opened for entry into the display area. Most of the artifacts on display were inside glass enclosures atop stylized pedestals. They included jewelry, pottery, every day items such as cooking utensils, and smaller statuary of various gods of the time. It was amazing how finely detailed the jewelry and figurines were. Larger items, such as gladiators helmets, leg guards, actual swords and similar items were also on display. There were also tile mosaics and glass blown items that looked like they were made in the modern time (glass blowing was developed in the 1st century A.D.). There were amphora, cooking utensils, pictures of life, and dioramas of what a villa atrium would look like, as well as painted walls of the inside of a home. A trip to the upper level had displays of the actual castings of some of those who lost their lives in the eruption, including a man lying down shielding himself from the ash, a mother cradling her baby, a dog that still showed part of its bronze leash, and other items. Ending the exhibit, walking into a small theatre area, they showed a 3 minute movie of what it would have looked like while ash poured into the city from the near-by eruption….all the while the wooden floor was vibrating to feel the effects of the earth’s tremors at the same time. Worth the time and effort to view this exhibit, especially if you’re interested in history.


Sep 2017


For those wanting to join the Goat Herd GTO Club of Oregon, member ship dues is $50 a year, $55 American for our Canadian friends. Your club dues to join the Goat Herd club also give you automatic membership in the GTO Association of America (GTOAA), which includes their monthly magazine/newsletter The LEGEND, and the Goat Herds award winning newsletter The Red Line Times. October is when the GTOAA will be sending out the post card forms for GTOAA membership renewal. For existing members, when you receive your GTOAA renewal card, enclose it with your check for $50, $55 American for our Canadian friends, for club membership renewal, and send it to: The GOAT HERD, P.O.BOX 1071, Clackamas, Oregon, 97015. DO NOT send the GTOAA membership card and payment back to the GTOAA, as the Goat Herd Membership coordinator will take care of everything. Thank you for your cooperation. Keep your membership current, and please pay your Goat Herd/GTOAA dues before the end of December.


Oct 2015


Congratulations to the Herd for winning the following certificates at the 2017 GTOAA International Convention !!!!

Gold Level Certificate————-In Recognition of Outstanding Chapter Membership Affiliation

Chapter Newsletter Certificate—–In Recognition of Outstanding Publishing Efforts (Redline Times)

Chapter Website Certificate——–In Recognition of Outstanding Internet Efforts


Sep 2015


The 2018 GTOAA National Meet will be held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania hosted by the Susquehanna Valley GTO’s. The dates for the 2018 Nationals are June 26 – 30. Check out the GTOAA website for more information, or find out more information in later editions of The Legend magazine/newsletter published by the GTOAA. You can also go to the www.svgto website for more information. You can receive the Legend magazine/newsletter only if you are a member of the GTOAA. Being a member of the Goat Herd automatically makes you a member of the GTOAA.


Sep 2015


It has been just over 25 years of fun, friends, and great cars! 2015 ended our annual event, and the Herd wants to thank all of the faithful followers that made TIGER RUN such an incredible success! Also thanks to the members of the Herd that worked so hard every year to put on the event. A lot of help was received from family members, and members of other clubs that helped cover the bases if needed. Can’t say enough about our Pontiac family celebrities that supported us over the years.

Now for the good news! Keep the date year 2020 open as The Goat Herd is testing the waters to determine if we can successfully have a Tiger Run reunion, to be called Tiger Re-Run. There seems to be enough enthusiasm among Goat Herd members and non-members to warrant pursuing another gr-r-reat event. So as not to interfere with the NW Legends in Seattle’s regional show, the Legends have agreed to postpone their Regional Meet in 2020 so the Goat Herd can a hold Tiger Re-Run event! However, this event is not fully confirmed!

Currently, the Goat Herd is exploring the possibility of a Tiger Re-run event. If you would like to see the Goat Herd host another event similar to Tiger Run, please e-mail Frank Salerno at: or any Goat Herd officer/member with your thoughts or comments on this event. Their contact information is listed on this site. If you have any interest in such an event, we would like to hear from you!!


Aug 2015