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Future Club Participation Events

Recently The Herd club members decided to plan more monthly events, including some overnighters. A number of us are preparing for the Tigers On the Columbia Regional Meet on May 25-26-27 in Richland, Wash. This is the second year the NW Legends will be putting on this event. If you didn’t get an e-mail regarding this event, go to their website for more info.
Another overnighter (3 of them) will be on Aug. 2-3-4 in Bend. This is a Big car show that brings in a ton of cars. In fact, it is the only car show in Bend that has grandfathered-in rights to use Drake Park for the show at no cost to them. (We tried to get Drake Park for Tiger Run, but the city wanted $30 per car, plus a fee to unlock the restrooms, plus a fee for every required garbage can.) Kelly Lay is the apparent chairman of this show now, and has made some arrangements for those of us who want to attend, such as a planned GTO gathering at the Pilot Butte Drive-In, and a special parking area at the park for just our cars. He also found us available rooms at the Bend Riverside (which, if you go to their website, you will notice the rooms are being totally refurbished). If you are interested in going and want room reservations, they still have a few room left…just call them at 800-284-2363 and tell them you’re with the GTO Club. They still remember us! You will then receive your Confirmation number for your room.


Feb 2018

BINGO In Feb. Club Fund Raiser – A Great Time

February 10 was the day for our first BINGO fund raising event for our club. We met at Larry’s Restaurant, our usual club meeting place, and thank Larry’s Restaurant owner Evelyn Knutsen and her daughter Karen Liebert for providing the locale for us to have some fun and games. Although there were not as many BINGO participants as anticipated, there were enough gamers on hand to make it quite an event. We played 8 games of BINGO, with some really great prizes for the winner of each game. Thank you to those who donated winning prize items! Club Prez Terri Nichols, and Frank Salerno, each won a $25 gift card to See’s Candy, Sue Farrand won a Halogen Desk Lamp and a large bundle of Micro-Fibre cloths, Jack Farrand won a Nike Collapsible Overnight Bag, Kari Liebert won a Car Trunk Caddy, and Lacey Dillon won a bottle of Champagne and also, for winning the final game of Blackout, a Large Jar of M&M’s plus $10.00 cash to help pay for her lunch. Lucky winners! There were actually 3 winners of the Blackout game, so a BINGO run-off for those three was held to determine the final winner. Good going, Lacey. Some of our club members who could not come to BINGO due to previous commitments donated to the cause prior to the event, so the club wound up making a substantial sum to add to our club coffers. The exact dollar amount brought in to the club will be announced at the March club meeting. Thank You everyone for your contributions to the effort. Those who were able to come to the BINGO game had a great time, as usual, and those who could not come but did contribute/donate funds shows how our club members come together to support our club. Other clubs wonder what makes us such a strong, supporting club…truly it’s the Members of the Goat Herd GTO Club.


Feb 2018