2nd December Club Event for 2017

Notification by e-mail had been sent out to all members of a second December club event coordinated by Rod Nichols to be held Saturday, the 30th. The event was another trip to the World of Speed where one of our club members had his burgundy/black ’64 GTO on display along with many other marques and muscle of the muscle car era. (The ’64 belongs to Jan Weston, who is also a terrific supporter of our club.) The day was dry and relatively warm for late December, and several club members decided to take advantage of the weather and attend the event. In fact, there were 45 club/family members that were at the event. Provision had also been made to have lunch at The Ram restaurant after the viewing, and everyone showed up at the restaurant (45 club members at a restaurant for lunch makes for quite an event by itself). Stef and Suzanne Pfafnis from Washington joined us, and the club as new members, Marc Powell and son David from Monmouth joined in as well as Steve Stewart from Eugene and Frank and Kathy Richards from Cornelius and, of course, the rest of us. Where were Fred and Laura Brewer from Lincoln City…we missed you! For those of us in attendance at this final club event for 2017, a good time was had by all!

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