November Club Event – Annual Turkey Shoot

On November 11, club members will be heading back to Estacada to the Estacada Rod and Gun Club for the annual Turkey Shoot. This is a fun event for all, as there is no shooting skill or marksmanship required to win a prize. The idea is to shoot at 2 different targets – and basically just hit the target – as the points are marked on the back of the target, and placed randomly. Hitting the bulls eye really doesn’t count! The highest points after shooting 10 shots per target determines the winners – prizes for adults and younger target shooters.
We will be shooting .22 caliber rifles or pistols. You can bring your own gun or guns and ammo, or guns will be furnished by some club members for use by those who do not own their own guns. You can also purchase .22LR calibre ammo at 20 cents per bullet. This is a family event, and a great opportunity to teach the younger family members how to handle and use pistols and rifles SAFELY. You do not have to be a Goat Herd member to participate. In fact, members of the Mustang Club may be joining us. If you have ear protectors, it’s a good idea to bring them with you, or there will be some available at the gun club. Directions to the gun club and information about the event have already been sent out to all club members who have had their e-mail address listed with club member Gary Dillon ( Let’s go shoot some turkeys!!

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