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Oct. 2017 Club Events

On Oct. 14, several Goat Herd club members took the annual trip to Hood River, Oregon for the Hood River Fruit Loop Festival (apple run), held in the Hood River harbor area on the Columbia River. The Fruit Loop runs through 35 miles of the Hood River Valley, and allows for stops at several farms, fruit stands, and retailers, for samples and purchase of some of the Hood River Valley’s world renown agricultural products. This year was especially important, as the gorge wildfires prevented travel through many, many miles of the Columbia River Gorge scenic area, affecting retailers throughout the gorge area. This event gave Goat Herd members and the general public opportunity to see the devastation the wildfires caused and a chance to help the local economy curtailed by those fires.

On Oct. 21st, Goat Herd members drove to Dufur to help the Goat Herder himself, Marc Neary, in sorting out some of his smaller items he still has on hand. In return for the help, members chose some items they needed for their cars, FOR FREE! There was opportunity to take a break and have lunch at Kramer’s Market and Deli before going back to work at Marc’s for a while longer before heading home. I know some stopped in Hood River to find open fruit stands to bring back some of the fruit the Hood River Valley has to offer. We were expecting some rain, but the weather was warm and sunny, and we enjoyed a good afternoon in Dufur after having gone through quite the wet weather in the Willamette Valley area. It’s always good to have a chance to visit Dufur and the Goat Herder himself – and find those old Pontiac parts many of us still need or can use!


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