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It has been 25 years of fun, friends, and great cars! 2015 ended our annual event, and the Herd wants to thank all of the faithful followers that made TIGER RUN such an incredible success! Also thanks to the members of the Herd that worked so hard every year to put on the event. A lot of help was received from family members, and members of other clubs that helped cover the bases if needed. Can’t say enough about our Pontiac family celebrities that supported us over the years.
Jim Wangers and crew, John Sawruck, Pete McCarthy, officers and reps of the GTOAA, and others, thank you. We will see what the future brings…….maybe a TIGER RUN reunion? We will see……………..

In 2016, just so we don’t go into withdraws, lets all head to Seattle, where the Legends are staging for the grrrreatest
GTOAA International Convention EVER!!! I know I will be there, and hope to see all of you there also!!!

Grand Poo Bah


Aug 2015