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It has been just over 25 years of fun, friends, and great cars! 2015 ended our annual event, and the Herd wants to thank all of the faithful followers that made TIGER RUN such an incredible success! Also thanks to the members of the Herd that worked so hard every year to put on the event. A lot of help was received from family members, and members of other clubs that helped cover the bases if needed. Can’t say enough about our Pontiac family celebrities that supported us over the years.

Now for the good news! Keep the date year 2020 open as The Goat Herd is testing the waters to determine if we can successfully have a Tiger Run reunion, to be called Tiger Re-Run. There seems to be enough enthusiasm among Goat Herd members and non-members to warrant pursuing another gr-r-reat event. So as not to interfere with the NW Legends in Seattle’s regional show, the Legends have agreed to postpone their Regional Meet in 2020 so the Goat Herd can a hold Tiger Re-Run event! However, this event is not fully confirmed!

Currently, the Goat Herd is exploring the possibility of a Tiger Re-run event. If you would like to see the Goat Herd host another event similar to Tiger Run, please e-mail Frank Salerno at: or any Goat Herd officer/member with your thoughts or comments on this event. Their contact information is listed on this site. If you have any interest in such an event, we would like to hear from you!!


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